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Pontyak provides the following core services:

1.       Sustainable design and LEED for buildings

2.       Building performance assessment and improvement

3.       Construction cost estimation

4.       Value analysis

5.       Life cycle costing

1.       We advise investors and design teams on sustainable building design features.

2.       We provide energy modeling design-assistance services to project teams.

3.       We perform energy modeling to confirm compliance with LEED requirements and then prepare the LEED submittals.

4.       We provide energy and water measurement and verification services, i.e., the Plan, sub-metering, and post-occupancy implementation.

5.       We offer courses on HVAC design calculations and energy modeling.

1.       We assess the conditions of occupied buildings using physical testing, monitoring, and thermal imaging.

2.        We verify building performance using simulation tools, measurement and verification, and energy and water auditing.

Our construction cost services include:

1.       Quantity take-off.

2.       Pre-qualifying sub-contractors, suppliers, or products.

3.       Preparing change orders.

4.       Pricing tender submissions and administration, negotiation, and analysis services relating to construction.

5.       Management, administration, and coordination of construction projects.

6.       Negotiation with sub-contractors, suppliers, and owners.

7.       Verification of sub-contractor and supplier payments.

8.       Negotiation and pricing of change orders.

9.       Preparation of construction progress schedules.

10.     Preparation of cost forecasts and progress claims.

11.     Creation of unit price reference database.

We systematically analyze and evaluate all aspects of design and make improvements that lower the total cost while maintaining the performance objectives.

We use life cycle costing (LCC) to strike a balance between human concerns (e.g. cost, health, and comfort) and environmental concerns (e.g. resource consumption and ecological degradation). Our analysis takes into account both first costs (i.e., design and construction expenses) and long-term costs (i.e., utilities, operations, maintenance, and system replacement).

Our evaluation of the economic performance of a building over its entire life informs planning, design, and construction decisions. Such an evaluation may reveal if:

1.       The present value of maintenance, operations, and utility costs are nearly as great as the initial project costs.

2.       A building system might cost more to maintain than the energy it saves.